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Granola From the Gods

Anyone who knows me, and knows what’s what, knows just how much I love granola. I can frequently be found in my kitchen with my hand in the granola box munching away aimlessly . . . But really don’t we all?

Any who, as much as granola has been deemed the optimal healthy breakfast being based on oats, not all granolas were created equal. Many of the granolas you see on the supermarket shelves are packed full of sugar and oils, which completely negates the amazing health properties of the oats themselves. Oats are really great to start the day because they're a complex carbohydrate, meaning that they take longer to digest and so the don’t spike blood sugar, providing you energy throughout the morning. Also, they are high in fibre, particularly a type called beta glucans. Beta glucans are highly beneficial to the body as they improve glycaemic control (maintain blood sugar levels after eating (1)), reduce LDL cholesterol (known as ‘bad cholesterol’ but we do need it, just in smaller amounts than HDL ‘good’) and improve satiety which can contribute to weight loss (2). Fibre is a really important component to include in the diet for regular digestion and prebiotic effects (2). Where many people are lacking in fibre, so adding oats is a great and easy way to boost your intake.

So that being said of the unsung superfood of oats, let me introduce to you Club Rozalie!

Club Rozalie is everything a granola lover ever dreamed of. They deliver unique and fun granola flavours, like pina colada and peanut butter and jam, through your door with a monthly subscription. The ingredients are entirely plant-based and entirely legible on the back of the packages – which I think is one of the most important things. If you can’t read an ingredient name, its probably not wise to eat it. Honestly, this is one of the best ingredient lists of any granola I’ve found, which personally I think is a massive draw to the brand.

The subscription takes the pain out of attempting to find a nutritious and sustainable breakfast, where a new flavour is popped through your door each month. If you're not keen to delve into a subscription, you can also browse the other granolas to buy individually from the website too.

I had the chance to try the pina colada and chocolate coconut flavours and I can say with certainty that they are amongst the best granolas I’ve had – and you're talking to a connoisseur.

Club Rozalie are offering 20% off new subscribers with the code FIRST20 so really there’s just no reason not to indulge in a healthy oaty breakfast.

1. Alminger M, Eklund-Jonsson C. Whole-grain cereal products based on a high-fibre barley or oat genotype lower post-prandial glucose and insulin responses in healthy humans. Eur J Nutr. 2008;47(6):294.

2. El Khoury D, Cuda C, Luhovyy BL, Anderson GH. Beta Glucan: Health Benefits in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. Thies F, editor. J Nutr Metab. 2012;2012:851362.

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