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Review: Dishoom

Now this friends, is a visit WELL overdue!

Dishoom has been on my 'to visit' list for at least 4 years. This eatery is a chain in London, aside the branch in Edinburgh, of about 5 venues. It describes itself as 'paying homage to the Irani cafes and the food of all Bombay'. If you take one this from this post, its that you need to go to Dishoom if you are ever within 1 mile of one of the branches. Wait for no one, run straight there.

I found myself in the Carnaby branch, and when stepping over the threshold, in cold sweats that I'd not made a reservation. That fine day I was blessed by the lord above as they could indeed squeeze in a table for 3. Joy of Joy.

As we took our seats we were poured water - big tick from me as I drink about a gallon per sitting - and given the menus. Next winning feature - they have a vegan menu. Just send me to a naan induced coma now why don't you. (Don't worry thats to come)

Dishoom Chole Puri

Dishoom Vegan Day Menu

Since the gals that I had the pleasure of dining with were enlightened as to the wonder of vegetables, we ordered almost entirely from the vegan menu, aside from a dish for them which we will just glaze over . . .

All that is to be said is that of course we over ordered, as one does in an Indian restaurant (and I obviously wouldn't leave until remainders were put in take away boxes) however we did exceptionally well in demolishing majority of the delights in front of us. The food was just out of this world good.

We ordered the Black Dhal, the Jackfruit Biriyani, the Garlic Naan, Bowl of Greens, Chole Puri and the girls had a lamb dish which as expected was utterly delightful. The dhal was easily one of the best I've ever had and the Jackfruit Biriyani couldn't have been better - unless it had a touch more actual Jackfruit inside. Not sure if the greens were actually necessary, but you know, vegans only eat leaves and all . . .

I could have happily ordered the entire vegan menu and sat for days eating it, but you know, just a reason to go back! Yet, the brekky must be tried first as I've heard only good things about it!

I would say best visit one of the Dishoom joints in a group - preferably with the same dietary alignments as yourself, otherwise just force them that vegan is the only option. Not to throw shade on the rest of the menu, but honey you pay with your pound, amirite?

We may or may not have had a cheeky bottle of white or 2 with the meal, which now I can confidently say is also my favourite white wine. So winning all round I would say!

Not overly expensive, therefore definitely not one to miss. Plan a good walk after. Not to a shop changing room though . . .

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