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Sukhavati Wellness Retreat

If there was a word for Bali it would be ‘hectic’. The moment you walk through the arrivals gate at Denpasar Airport you’re bombarded with taxi offers and the warm damp air. Yet, sanctuary is found in the car of the your driver who whisks you away to the tropical Eden of Sukhavati. Located just far enough away from the the hive of activity of Canggu and Seminyak, nestled between paddies, Sukhavati is the definition of peace and serenity from the moment you step through the intricately craved Balinese door.

The basis of the retreat is Ayurveda, ‘The knowledge of Life’, this is understanding your body type and how best to nourish yourself accordingly. Upon arrival, each guest has an initial consultation with the specialist doctor that resides here. Following this you are given a treatment plan and a dietary guideline that best suits your body constitution. Though you may not live or die by this advice, I mean coffee is not even advised which I’m not sure I can get behind (and of course no alcohol!). Fundamentally the Ayurvedic diet is exactly the base of the whole food diet that I fully support. The basic principles are to fuel yourself and health with whole foods that have been minimally processed, then using a plethora of spices to add flavour and nutritional benefits. So of course all the food here is just beyond delicious, especially when dining on a pavilion just above a tinkling river creek.

The treatment is the best kind of treatment you can imagine. Taken in the spa daily, where each room has their own private view of the tropical forest beyond last anywhere from an hour and a half onwards. The spa ladies that meet you treat you as if you are no less than a goddess and will do all they can to ensure you feel like one. Oils here play a critical role in all the massages as well as other treatments such as nasal clearing and oil baths, which are prescribed following your consultation on the first day.

Daily there are 2 hour long yoga sessions and guided walks which you can choose to join or instead you may just want to relax in the splendor that is the exquisite setting that you find yourself in.

The scent of incense surrounds your every move as you wander around the retreats blossom clad villas, past the pristine pool to the pavilion where your meals and evening mocktails(!) are served. Leaving Sukhavati, even after a mere 2 nights, leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin the best you’ve ever felt it. However I can’t guarantee that you won’t be wanting to sneak one of the Balinese spa magicians home with you!

A big thank you to Sukhavati for inviting myself and my travel companion to stay and treating us as incredibly as they did.

Find out more about Sukhavati here

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