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Review: Pi Pizza

If a crispy Neapolitan pizza bigger than a car wheel is what you're after, then Pi Pizza in Battersea Rise is most definitely the place to go. Serving 2 sizes of 20 and 12 inch pizzas with toppings to suit every diet – even vegan cheese! – they’ve got all bases covered.

This does not do justice just how big the pizza is

First entering the restaurant, you could easily be fooled into thinking it is a fairly small establishment, yet continue in to the back of the space and before you you’ll find two fabulous light and spacious rooms complete with views of the pizza oven between the branches of no less than a green and leafy tree.

The philosophy here is that where ever possible the ingredients were all sourced locally and organically, of course not the precious flour though. For that there was no choice other than getting the best Italian flour that is used in traditional Neapolitan pizzas over for us lucky Londoners. After the dough is crafted it is left to prove and ferment for no less than 72 hours before it enters the 420 degree flames of the mosaiced mirror oven for the diners to gaze upon. Not only does the flour come from Naples, but so to do the pizza chefs - the only men for the job! After chatting away to the expert dough stretcher himself, the chef explained how he started his life as a pizza pro as a delivery boy back in Naples, the only way was working from the bottom up, so obviously dish washer role was next!

Images from @pipizzauk

This restaurant not only rests its priorities in serving delicious pizza, sourcing the best local and authentic ingredients, but is also very conscious of its impact on the planet thus has removed all single use plastic from their operations. Thanks to actions such as using only biodegradable straws, Pi Pizza has won the Eco Award by Green Gate, setting the standard for other pizza joints and eateries.

Meat eaters are not the only ones well catered for at Pi Pizza, but so too are veggies and vegans alike. The indecisive amongst us can even chose to go half and half on their pizzas to explore more of the menu. All pizzas can be made with vegan cheese atop the plethora of toppings available, from Isle of Wight tomatoes to Wild Boar salami. The menu changes seasonally to ensure that only the best local produce is used, in doing so reducing the air miles of the meals. Not only this, but on a Tuesday evening the menu goes vegan in its entirety. The chefs get to get creative with their pizza toppings including the mushroom medley with porcini cream as well as fire roasted aubergine with freshly made vegan pesto. Optimistically suggesting that a 20 inch pizza will suffice two, you’ll not only leave feeling absolutely stuffed but you’ll be taking a box home with the leftovers!

The absolute gem of a chef even provided me with a sweet treat in the name of a Chocolate Avocado Mousse for dessert. However, at this point I was beyond full where even taking in air made me feel like I was going to explore. For this reason he generously put it in a wee to go pot for me to delight upon later. Now let me tell you I was just as sceptical of the Instagram sensation of an Avocado Chocolate Mousse, however I am now going to have to declare myself very much so on the band wagon. It was the definition of yum and absolutely no avo taste at all which I was most definitely looking out for. So yet again here vegans are just as well catered for in the dessert department, yet I challenge you to actually be able to squeeze it in after pizza. But as they do say, there's a second stomach for pud . . .

Pi Pizza is named after the mathematical symbol dictating that not every circle is perfect, just as each pizza coming out of the flaming oven is unique, but certainly one no less tasty than the next.

Find Pi Pizza at:

And a big thanks to Samphire PR for inviting me down!

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