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Healthy Twix!

So this is exciting no?! The first recipe on the blog!

I have recently been given a page in a local magazine to South West London called RiverTribe where I'm gonna be writing plant based recipes every issue, so every month or so. GEEEEEET EXCITIED!!

I kicked off with some savoury muffins with a base of chickpea flour, quinoa and sweet potato which were super yum and now for a cheeky sweet treat I give you RAW VEGAN TWIX BARS. Correcto vegan twix that are hella yum and hella easy to make - as long as you've got your trusty food processor.

So lets get going into the recipe . . .




- 1 cup oats

- 1 cup nuts

- 1 tsp vanilla extract

- 10-15 dates

- ½ cup maple syrup


- 1 ½ cup soaked dates

- 2 tbsp nut butter

- 1 tbsp maple syrup

- 1 tsp vanilla extract

- 1 tbsp date water


- 300g good quality dark chocolate


1. Place dates for the caramel in a bowl and cover with boiling water

2. Place all the ingredients for the base in a food processor and blend until the nuts and oats come to a crumble like consistency. It wont come together as a ball but if you pinch some together it should hold. If it doesn’t come together add a few more dates

3. Line a baking tray (line a brownie tray) with cling film or baking paper, then add the base mixture and press it down into a solid layer. Make sure to really compact the mixture flat well then put into the freezer to chill

4. Spoon out the dates in the food processor, then add the rest of the caramel ingredients. If the mixture is too thick then add more of the water that the dates were soaking in. You want a sort of thick peanut butter consistency

5. Blend until smooth then spoon out on to the base from the freezer. To smooth out the caramel into an even lay I find it really helpful to have a mug of boiling water and leaving a spoon/knife in there before spreading the caramel as it can be quite sticky.

6. Return this to the freezer for 4-6 hours or overnight to firm up

7. Finally melt the chocolate

8. Whilst the chocolate is melting slice the base and caramel into bars. Using a fork and spoon, drop each bar into the chocolate and quickly turn it so that all sides are covered and return it to a lined flat tray. Once all the bars are chocolate coated return them to the freezer for the chocolate to solidify.

*These bars are delicious cold, so they're best kept in the fridge or freezer so that they stay crunchy!

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