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Where to next?

Well quite frankly I’ve had enough of England. The weather is too cold and rainy and dark and miserable (need I go on?) I'm just not feeling it anymore. So therefore, the only solution is to book the next trip to be out of the country as long as possible – 2 months I would say should just about do it, no?

Myself and one of my oldest friends and also my god sister (but when both bronzed and blonde look more like sisters), Charlie, are off to Bali for 5 weeks and then I'm continuing on solo back to my heart’s land of Australia for a further 3 weeks before coming back myself. To say I am excited would be a complete understatement – since as I'm righting its currently raining and, yes, at the beginning of March we had 2 bouts of snow – enough is enough.

The only slight issue now is that I am meant to be working on essays and exams for the end of the year and instead am focusing any valuable attention towards my travel plans and researching Bali’s offerings of where to stay and what to do, and of course there is a list currently in the making of all the cafes and restaurants that I want to go to, which delightfully mainly appear to be vegan and vegetarian – a wa to the hoo! What can I say, I'm a predictable little lassie.

So if anyone might happen to have any recommendations as to where they have stayed or done I would be over the moon to hear from you as I am keen to do as much as possible while I'm there – little caveat of needed to source just a touch more income for this however . . .

I'm sure more exciting developments to come so stay tuned!

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