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I'm Back!

So, it has to be said that unfortunately the whole blog thing kinda fell by the wayside during my travels – let’s just say I was ‘living in the moment’. One fairly large limiting factor that I fell into was that somehow I managed to forget the simple 4-digit passcode for my iPad, meaning that I didn’t even have anything on which to write for the blog. That’s my excuse and I’m going with it!

Now I'm back home and coming to the end of my first year at Uni, we're gonna see if we can get this whole shindig up and running again! Lulu's got more travelling to come this summer - v exciting times!! Myself and me pal Charlie as off to Bali in July for 5 weeks, then I'm trooping on solo to my hearts land again of Australia so lets wait and see for the shenanigans to come!

So for now I'll just leave you with this lovely shot by Mama G of my first steps back on home turf after 9 months (not for too long I hope!)

Primo shot captured by Mama G on my arrival

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