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Thailand Tour: Day 7

With everyone successfully in the lobby at 9.30, we were ready embark on the next leg of the journey to Krabi. This would require us to jump aboard another ferry for 2 hours, enthusiasm was brimming amongst the hungover group of 30. With the ferry leaving the main pier at 10.30 the idea was that we would have plenty of time to walk the journey into town from the hotel. However since it was raining Chamani had organised for us to load on to long boats to avoid being drenched in the rain. This seemed like a good plan so we all waited around to be summoned to our boats . . . That never came. At about 10.10 it was time to go, no matter the rain we were going to have to walk. At this point one boat became available for half of the group meaning that the rest of us had to walk. This wasn't actually so bad as the rain had pretty much stopped now so the journey by foot did not leave us sopping.

We boarded yet another top quality (not) Thai ferry trying to find any available seats leaving Nina and myself sitting at the back on the lower floor next to the engine. Sleep would not be had on this journey I can tell you that much. The trip lasted shorter than expected at only about 1 hr 45 and we got off straight into minivans that were waiting for us, for a 30 minute ride to the hotel in Krabi.

Krabi was really lovely, slightly more built up than Phi Phi but not quite that of Phuket. The hotel we arrived at was really stunning, by far the nicest that we'd stayed at so far – and for the Americans missing their fried food, we were positioned next door to the one and only Golden Arches along with a Starbucks. The hotel comprised of 3 or 4 blocks of buildings going up a hillside that was incredibly conveniently positioned but a 5 minute walk from the beach. We left our bags to be taken to the rooms as there was another 30 minute wait until 2pm when our rooms would be ready. This meant one thing and one thing only. Lunch. Chamani had recommended a spot called Called 8.91 just down the street.

Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised as it turned out to be a trendy little café that one might expect to find in a ‘cool’ place in London. The first salad of the trip was consumed but also very well received as after I realised that I had been missing some fresh leaves and veggies. Following this the 4 of us decided to go for a browse around the little shops and stalls which were very much the same as everywhere else we'd been. Slightly worn out myself and Nina made our way back to the hotel as by this point our room would be ready, but not without going via a stand selling ice cream made only from coconut water and milk! Twas soooo good! We went to get our key but surprise surprise our room would be another 30 mins so we went to sit with the others also waiting in the upper lobby (yes, for some reason there was a lobby at ground level as well as half way up the resort). Time was up so we went to the room where we had to wait another 10 minutes, but finally it was done and well worth the wait. We had our own little outside area complete with fake grass and a table and chairs.

Dinner was arranged for 3 hours for now, so clearly the only option we had to fill this time was to go and get another massage as it (somehow!) was even cheaper here, so we could get a Thai massage with oil for 300 baht. Sold. This again was glorious and very much enjoyed leaving us in a very calm state going back to the room.

The second and final included dinner comprised of the hotel buffet serving everything from Pad Thai to sushi to a BBQ. This I did very much appreciate as it meant that I could fill half my plate with seaweed (a fond sushi favourite). We were done relatively quickly so yet again en mass the group left the hotel half in search of alcohol, half in search of bargains. With sarongs and souvenirs under our belts produced as the result of successful haggling and the rain starting to pick up we wondered around to find a bar with live music. Now this was a surprise as the music from the 4 piece band playing was actually pretty good! No attempt to mumble western music in some sort of tune here – good quality stuff! When this came to an end and wandering around to realise that this was the only venue of the kind we went back to the hotel to the roof top of the very top block for an incredible view of Krabi and the never ending ocean.

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