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Thailand Tour: Day 6

Last night was rough – I did not sleep well, at all. So by the time to get up and out, I already felt shattered. Nina and I decided to have a chilled out day and take the short 15 minute walk over the other side of the island to Long Beach and hang out there for the day. Well the first puncture to the plan, it was not a walk, it was more of a hike. We were climbing up stairs, clambering over gargantuan tree roots and trying to stick, where possible, to the ‘path’. By the time we had actually gotten there we were in a muck sweat and peeled our clothes off in a flash before bombing straight into the sea. Ahhhhh, cool and peaceful, now time to relax and lay on the beach for a few hours. But no! Second puncture to the plan – were debating quickly here . . . It started to drizzle, but that was fine because it would pass then it would be a nice day. Drizzle turned to spit and spit turned to torrential rain. Time for a new plan. We had seen a sign for massages so Nina went off to investigate – here he had hit the jackpot. For only 300 THB (about £7.50) we could get a full body, hour long Thai massage in a little hut right next to the sea, listening to the sounds of the waves washing and rain pattering. Sounds good right? And by the time the glorious experience was over the rain had passed! Things were looking up :) the massage has left us feeling in a state of zen, which meant that in other words we were not going to the doing the trek back to the hotel. For this reason we jumped on to a long boat (which conveniently we had wanted to do whilst staying here anyway) back to the main pier so that we could grab some lunch and walk back to the hotel to eat it.

Following our little meal in the lobby, we had a massive blow of wind and the signs of forthcoming rain, signal to retreat to the room. Just in time this was indeed as upon entering there was a massive down pour! We sat and relaxed until 5.30, during which time Nina had what she called a ‘yolo’ moment ordering a brownie from room service.

Then it was time to go for the optional sunset viewpoint walk that I forced Nina to join me on. This too was more of a hike than a walk as we went up to the very top of the central hill/mountain on Phi Phi – many steps were climbed, yet again. It was unfortunately too cloudy to see sunset, but the view from the top was miraculous all the same.

Once back we showered and went down to our first (on only 2) included dinner.This was a lovely buffet of lots of Thai food, along with spaghetti . . . I obviously filled my plate, later to find out that they has prepared special vegan food yet again! So I basically just ate loads.As it was the last night on Phi Phi it was party night, which coincided with the one of the biggest night on the island supposedly being Halloween. En mass, we first went to a bar called Dojo, popular for having cocktails in buckets (common theme on the island) and beer pong tables. After we had all had enough of this we moved on to place on the beach that was promised to have really good music for dancing – which was really all I was after. On arrival it was obvious that it was not all it had been cracked up to be. After attempting to groove to some sort of techno music for an hour or so a gaggle of us decided that it was time to leave and so we made our way back to the hotel.

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