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Top of London

London is my home. As with anywhere I go, I love to explore all that it has to offer. I'm constantly looking up new places to go in London and finding, with ease, places where I've never been. Although London is not quite as compact as cities like New York where you can walk between each area relatively easily, it is still entirely possible to get the steps in walking to areas in the close vicinity. I love to being able to walk from say waterloo over the bridge to Covent Garden for food, then continuing on to Oxford Street for a spot of shopping without completely tiring myself out.

There will always be a new restaurant I want to try out or a different coffee shop that I long to lounge in and watch the world go by and thanks to my trusty Oyster card its entirely possibly for me to.

Advice I would say for London; never go to the same place twice - you're missing out on everything else!

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