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I'm Lulu, an 22 year old from London who took a gap year before going to university in Exeter. after my first term I realised that my degree wasn't really right for me, so decided that at the end of the year I would leave to change degrees. I'm now back home in London studying Nutritional Science and eating all of the best vegan brunches around in spare time! I'm a bit behind on my posts as I encountered a few logistical issues (lets say!) but expect more to come!

My initial plan for this space was to document my journey around the globe so that my friends and family are able to keep up with what I'm up to. However, along the way I hope to share some other aspects about myself and some of the places I've been and experiences I've had - if anyone cares to know an more! Now I'm back on home turf I hope to carry on using this space as somewhere that I can share my interests and thoughts on life!

I'm started off the year of travelling by visiting Thailand, then Australia where I'll settled for initially 6 months but turning into 7 and a half, then moved on to the USA where I made a few stops on may way from the west to the east coast. It was such an exciting adventure as I'd be going to so many places that I've never been to before with people that I was yet to meet!

I hope you enjoy the snippets I share and maybe they might even inspire you to do the same!

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